SOHO explorations

Kurt Smetana, architect, leads a guided tour through Sandleiten.

Meeting point: SOHO STUDIOS

Explorations is an educational program by cultural scientist Helene Schneider for and with the neighborhood. Once a month, guided tours with experts explore the present and future of the Sandleitenhof and its surroundings, and exhibitions in the SOHO STUDIOS are visited together. Here you can take a look behind the scenes of a project. In this way, the SOHO STUDIOS program is made accessible and communicated to those in the neighborhood who have little contact with contemporary artistic exploration.

Helene Schneider studied cultural studies with a focus on urban research in Vienna, Berlin and Copenhagen. She has been accompanying SOHO in Ottakring in various positions for several years. Since 2022 she has been working for the neighborhood outreach program and cooperations.

Photo: Mehmet Emir



16 Mar 2023


14:00 - 16:00